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Supporting Veterans during the Job Search

The month of May is special for those that currently serve in the military and those that served previously. In 1999, Congress enacted May as Military Appreciation Month so the public could honor our troops and the sacrifices they have made.

Military Appreciation Month also serves as a reminder to help our veterans in the difficult transition back into civilian life. According to a LinkedIn study, veterans are 37 percent more likely to be underemployed than nonveterans. By educating ourselves on the obstacles they face entering the workforce, the more we are able to assist them during this process.

Challenges of Entering the Workforce

After leaving the military, it is common for mental health problems to arise for veterans. Many struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Commonly attributed to their experiences in combat, mental illness can also be triggered by a loss of identity and purpose in their lives as they navigate a new lifestyle.

During the job search, veterans often find that the skills and experience they obtained during their service are hard to translate into a resume. Because many entered the armed forces out of high school, they lack a college education or the work experience required. Oftentimes, employers struggle to envision how their military experience could benefit their company.

Finding a career that evokes passion is challenging on its own, but for veterans the workplace culture proves to be a major adjustment. The military’s culture is based on self-sacrifice and companionship while the workforce can be competitive and even cutthroat at times. A lot of jobs can feel unfulfilling after many years of working for a cause bigger than oneself.

How to Land a Job

There are many organizations and companies that have programs in place to help veterans land a job. Besides the given U.S. Office of Veteran Affairs, there are other organizations such as Hire Heroes USA, Hirepurpose, & VetCentral. These organizations were built for veterans by veterans to show open positions and resources during the job search.

Online tools that can align their skills with a suitable job fit are also helpful in developing a career path. Many websites offer resources that translate their job title in the military to appropriate positions within the workforce. This is a great starting point when potential career paths remain unclear.

During Military Appreciation Month, take some time to reflect on the honorable service & contribution of military members, past & present. A great way to honor them is by pointing them in the direction of companies looking to hire veterans as well as resources to find these open positions.

At Infinia, we love to work alongside veterans to find their next fulfilling role within the workforce. If you know a veteran, we’d be honored to assist them during this transition by taking the time to learn more about their experience and how it can translate into any open positions. For more information on how we can lend a hand, please refer them to our website.