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Best Practices to Support LGBTQ+ Employees in the Workplace

Here at Infinia, we strive to create a safe working space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and in honor of Pride Month, we wanted to share our best practices. We continually make a concerted effort to support progressive changes allowing everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed in their work environments. By sharing our processes we hope it gives insight for others to follow suit. Every individual has a right to feel safe in their designated work space and we hope you find our list helpful so all work spaces are welcoming for all employees.

Announce your Pronouns
Some people may feel a stigma or hesitation around sharing their pronouns because of a misguided belief others “should just be able to tell.” But, that is not always the goal when sharing pronouns. Yes, someone may be able to tell how you personally identify, but it is not always obvious for others and for those unsure, most would rather be told than ask. According to a Forbes article from 2023, “79% (of LGBTQ+ workers) are never asked their pronouns when first meeting coworkers.” When you openly share your pronouns, it lets others know that they can share theirs and not be judged. If cisgender people openly share theirs, transgender or nonbinary people may feel more comfortable being who they truly are in the workplace.

Allow a Space for Employees to Talk About Discrimination
Workplace discrimination may happen and one employee’s actions do not always reflect on the company as a whole. What does reflect is how an organization responds to any said discrimination. Addressing discriminatory comments or actions is necessary in creating a safer environment for all employees. There is also a need to allow the affected employee(s) to comfortably speak openly about how the action affected them, if they feel the need, with their HR team or designated employee advocate. Making sure there is someone available to speak with about these issues is crucial in supporting their belief they are working for an employer who is inclusive and cares for their well-being.

Create a Support Group for Employees
According to the same Forbes article quoted above, “76% of workers say that their employer does not offer an employee resource or support group for LGBTQ+ employees.” If you are not a part of the LGBTQ+ community, you may not understand the struggles that come with openly being yourself in or out of work. Life did not completely change at the legalization of gay marriage in 2015 as some people may want to believe. There are still many struggles and allowing employees to have a space to talk openly with other LGBTQ+ employees could prove helpful in making them feel comfortable, supported, and seen.

Be a Leader
No matter your position or title, if you are proud to care about others, others will follow suit in your efforts. If you don’t see a current champion for the LGBTQ+ community at your company, step up. Ask for preferred pronouns, if a coworker uses the term spouse, do not assume the gender of said employee’s partner and mostly, if someone confides in you about an issue that has affected them, please support and encourage their choice to speak up. No matter how simple or small these gestures may seem, they matter and will be appreciated.

Employees perform better and show more care and consideration in their work when they also feel cared for and valued. All employees have a right to enjoy safety and respect in their work spaces. These steps can lead to not only an ideal inclusive environment during Pride Month, but every month.


Written by: Catie Jones