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All Recruiting Companies Should Ask This of Their Clients

Ask clients exactly what you ask of yourself.

When you start a company, regardless of industry, you take business wherever you can find it. You scrape, fight, and even beg for clients and opportunities. Those opportunities will come, and when they do you’ll face a new problem: knowing when business is BAD business.

There are certain core values you hope to instill, not only in your own company, but also in the companies you partner with. In recruiting, our brand is represented by our internal employees and contractors, but it’s more than that. Our brand is associated with our clients. The companies that we chose to recruit for and develop partnerships with must meet the standards we hold ourselves to.

Over the past three years Infinia Search has developed deep partnerships with clients of all sizes. From emerging tech firms, to Fortune 100 clients. Throughout this time and relationship-building process, our goal always remains the same. To partner with firms that share the same core values as our firm, while also providing an excellent experience to our candidates, transparency, and feedback along the way. In a perfect world every client would mirror our values. But we live in the real world, and the hard truth is that they all don’t.

There’s a crossroads recruiting firms come to in business, where bad business exists. When you get there, you must ask yourself, “Am I really going to decrease revenue because this client’s values don’t align to ours?” The answer 100% of the time needs to be emphatically YES!

In the short term your revenue may dip. Knocking a logo off of your client list may seem like a blow to the ego, or a bad business decision. But getting rid of the negative energy and the headache that comes along with a partner like this will allow you to grow your business in other directions. Invest your time with true partners that hold themselves to a high standard, and who value the collaboration and process. It certainly is a tough business decision to make, but one that pays dividends.