Director of Warehouse Operations

    • Full-Time
  • Langhorne, PA
  • 80,000-100,000

Location: Langhorne PA

Salary 80-100k

Will manage people

Full time

Our client is seeking a Director of Warehouse Operations to oversee and lead all Warehouse functions, including: transportation, receiving, facility maintenance and order fulfillment out of their corporate location. The Director of Warehouse Operations will be the key stakeholder in elevating our operations and implementing a strong growing process.

This role will ensure the training and development of the Warehouse support team while maximizing Warehouse operations and consistently readjusting techniques and finding solutions as needed, to support continued growth in key business areas.

Who You Are:

  • Excellent Communicator: From written to verbal and interpersonal to intrapersonal, your skills as a communicator are exemplary. You value this skillset and are always looking for ways to make it most effective in order to lead others and build relationships. Your messages and direction are clear and concise, while conversely, you are a good listener.
  • Strong Leader: You are tuned in to what each of your team members need to grow and succeed and you are committed to their development. You have the tools, or create them when necessary, to track job performance from your team. You have proven systems to develop teams and manage performance.
  • Visionary: You are a ‘high level’ thinker who can offer solutions at a moment’s notice and for long-term planning.
  • Agile and action-oriented: You thrive on detail and are keen to notice changes in the business; what works and what doesn’t, and are open to new ideas that drive production/fulfillment results as well as techniques that drive our team to perform at their best.
  • Analytical: You are detailed and thoughtful when dissecting facts and figures in an effort to highlight successes and opportunities in each area of the Warehouse. You have the ability to collect, visualize, and analyze processes and information, using it as a method to coach and lead your team to drive results.
  • Knowledgeable: You have a strong background in Warehouse operations, with a desire to always learn more and share your knowledge with others.
  • Problem Solver: Understand that warehouse operations inevitably involves solving problems and putting out fires. You thrive in finding a solution and solve things fully, comfortable in the knowledge that there will always be a problem to solve.

What You Do:

  • Manage: You are able to realize tangible results as measured by exceptional staff performance and growing a highly functional, high volume operation.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with various business units to evolve production fulfillment processes and results. Maintain constant feedback loops between all relevant stakeholders to maintain an extremely high level of accuracy. Ability to lead projects in an effort to improve processes and solve for issues.
  • Big Picture Growth: Envision, plan for, and lead strategic growth. Consistently evaluating and communicating progress, current and future needs, as well as elevating processes for anticipated growth.
  • Reporting: Responsible for achieving and reporting on weekly fulfillment goals and various performance metrics. Must have an understanding of financial practices related to production cost and labor costs.

What We Need From You:

  • Minimum of 5 years Warehouse Management experience, ideally in an e-commerce and wholesale capacity.
  • Detailed and organized.
  • Passionate leader that gets excited by constant improvement and solving complex process improvement plans.
  • Able to multitask, balancing the needs of the daily operations while also thinking big picture and next steps in warehouse efficiencies.
  • Inquisitive and able to push complex concepts and ideas up.
  • You see a problem as something to solve.
  • Thrive in a fast paced environment with many moving parts.
  • Proficient in technology including all Microsoft programs and E-commerce fulfillment programs.


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